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  • GSOC Update 4

    My Google Summer of code is about to close! It’s been very educational time working on my project to implement exporting as svg. Now that it’s just about done its time I put my thoughts on how my GSoC project went. Things that went well I think I learned quite a lot working on this project. It was the first coding task with a fairly large scope that I’ve done. All of my past contributions have either been small bug fixes or extending currently existing code.

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  • GSOC Update 3

    These last few weeks have been a good learning experience with Krita as I try to implement a node visitor and save context classes. First we want to create a saveContext class for svg called KisScalableVectorGraphicsSaveContext that will be used to save to the file when visiting all nodes. This class is fairly cookie cutter and takes a KoStore to use to write to a specified file. The real work will happen in our node visitor class KisScalableVectorGraphicsSaveVisitor.

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  • GSOC Update 2

    Hello and welcome to my second GSOC update! I think I these last few weeks have been really productive in fixing some issues with my code and getting some direction in the next steps for my project. If you remember last time we had just figured out how to get the SVG option to appear in Krita so we can start testing out saving a test SVG file. We were getting a few errors actually trying to use that option and save the file but those should be all fixed now.

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  • GSOC Update 1

    GSOC is in full swing and here is my first progress update! I’ve been spending time getting familiar with the Krita code base. The first step in my project was making SVG appear as an export option to test start testing the export code. While this may seem straight forward (I certainly thought it would be) there are a few things that we’ll need to do. First, how does Krita know what files it can import/export as?

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  • Hello World

    Hello world! I’m restarting my blog as part of my Google Summer of Code (GSoC) project with KDE. I’m planning to write a few articles about my work implementing SVG export support in Krita. Stay tuned!